Palace Gucci collab arrives with a predictably great campaign

The tie-up between the two fashion brands – which operate in different markets yet seem like natural companions – comes with a typically eccentric ad campaign

We’re beginning to get used to Alessandro Michele’s wild brand moves as creative director at Gucci, but that doesn’t make each new release any less enjoyable.

This past weekend saw the arrival of a new collab from the brand, following previous link ups with adidas and the North Face, in the form of a tie-up with Palace, the skateboard and streetwear brand set up by Lev Tanju and Gareth Skewis in 2009.

With Palace known for its own witty and irreverent advertising, and Gucci building a reputation under Michele for super stylish yet offbeat campaigns, the collab seems guaranteed to bring covetable products alongside some great ads. It duly arrives with a spot directed by regular Gucci contributor Max Siedentopf, which is quirky from start to finish, and is well worth sticking with beyond the credits, which show up halfway through.

The first half of the ad centres on an out-of-this-world party set to the tune of the Prodigy’s 1990s rave hit Out of Space, which opens with a footballer floating into the scene via an umbrella, Mary Poppins-style.

Post credits things take an unexpected turn as we cut to an unlikely corporate boardroom scene where Sesame Street-style characters triumphantly celebrate the collab. And why not.

Director, Photographer, Art Director: Max Siedentopf
Gucci Creative Director: Alessandro Michele
Palace Creative Director: Levent Tanju
Set Designer: Andy Hillman