Pangrams for our time and more from Mill Co

Modern takes on the ‘Quick brown fox’ type designer’s pangram referencing the August riots are among the works on show at an exhibition of new projects from the Mill Co creative community

Modern takes on the ‘Quick brown fox’ type designer’s pangram referencing the August riots are among the works on show at an exhibition of new projects from the Mill Co creative community

The three Modern Pangrams, which were written by Matt Gibbins and Eddy Hall, designed by Darren Hughes and art directed by Mike Hughes, add a modern flavour to the traditional type specimen (though, as RayMans has pointed out in the comments below, two of them appear to be missing the letter ‘y’).

They were created in response to a brief set by Mill Co for its second annual exhibition, put together in association with Monotype Imaging. Mill Co’s community of illustrators, designers, writers, photographers, art directors and artists were given three Monotype fonts, Akko, Neue Haas Grotesk and Rotis II, and asked to do with them what they like – re-draw them, illustrate them, set them on fire, anything.

Around 30 artists responded and their work (more shown below) will appear at the exhibition which opens on October 14 at the Mill Co Project gallery space, Lime Wharf, Vyner St, London E2.

Craig Halliday


Mill Co operates as a creative agency and collective but also, under the auspices of sister company the Mill Co Project, a creative social enterprise scheme that provides affordable space for freelancers in its East london building which is run as a co-operative.

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