Paper sculpted into flowers, hats and fans for Japan House exhibition

Japanese designers, architects and artists have made more than a dozen precisely sculpted paper objects for Subtle: Delicate or Infinitesimal – an exhibition exploring the material’s potential

A far cry from bulky swatch books, the show emphasises paper’s shapeshifting nature. Many of the pieces are impressively fragile, such as a series of delicate ‘hats’ made by Kenya Hara – who’s curated the show. Hara used laser-cutting technology to make the pieces, which he likens to micro-organisms viewed through a microscope.

There’s also flowers made using pencil sharpeners, pieces of intricate paper lace, and a collection of miniscule petals. The exhibition includes objects that reflect on the material’s cultural and historic links, which means there’s some more traditional pieces such as ribbed fans and envelopes.


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