Parallel Teeth on the art of creating animated music videos

The one-man studio of animator and illustrator Robert Wallace has created music videos and ad campaigns for an array of artists and clients. Here he tells us how he makes it work

“I was always obsessed with the visual side of music as a kid; music videos, album artwork, tour posters, anything! However I never ended up learning any instruments for some reason,” explains Robert Wallace, also known by his moniker Parallel Teeth. “When I was a little older I realised I could use animation as a way to visualise music, kind of like it was an instrument.” Creating rhythms and beats through movement and animated loops, Wallace has gone on to carve out a career where he regularly works with artists and musicians to visually realise their music via illustration and animation.

Wallace grew up in New Zealand and now splits his time between there and London. He studied graphic design at university and it was there that he began to hone his creative process. “Being there really drilled into me the importance of a solid creative process,” he says. “What phases to work through on a project, what kind of questions to ask, and how to be critical of my own work. Even though what I learnt was mostly in relation to graphic design, it relates to animation as well.”

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