Partech’s branding is informed by New Wave cinema

Designed by Koto, the new identity subverts the visual tropes of the venture capital market with references to French film

Koto has collaborated with French venture capital firm Partech on a bold new identity that draws inspiration from the company’s “dependable yet daring” approach.

Part of an “uninspired market”, Koto sought to break Partech away from the other venture capital firms that surround it by establishing it as a forward-facing firm with a clear mission and a willingness to take risks.

As such, the new identity is confident and eye-catching. Working with the idea that Partech helps founders around the world to tell their own stories, Koto leaned on the visual language of French cinema – specifically the “experimental cinematic techniques and innovative storytelling methods of La Nouvelle Vague”.

At the heart of this is a new wordmark inspired by the typographic title sequences of iconic French director Jean-Luc Godard. Bold but warm, the wordmark utilises the same vivid red hue that was made famous by the director, and which has become a symbol of cinema and storytelling.

Following this idea, Koto also took the ‘P’ from ‘Partech’ and created a stylised pilcrow – a symbol used to signify the start or end of a story, again referencing the importance that the brand places on narratives and journeys.

The typography also aligns, with FK Screamer Bold forming the centrepiece of the branding and “paying homage to French cinema, sign-writing, and book covers”. Rendered in red, black, and off-white, the type is refined yet assertive, encouraging trust in Partech’s clients.

Finally, the imagery for the new identity references filmmaking and storytelling through its cinematic style. High-contrast lighting, strong shadows, and an editorial approach give the brand a nostalgic yet contemporary feel.

With Partech having “helped to define the future of tech for over 40 years”, the last trick up Koto’s sleeve was to use generative AI to create various assets for the identity. After playing around with prompts until they found the perfect fit, the team then provided Partech with a formula for achieving consistent results, even when fielding more “complex and nuanced requests”.

Speaking on his studio’s work, Sam Howard, creative director at Koto, said that the “aim was to create a visual identity that captures the essence of Partech’s unique position as a reliable narrator, where every investment tells a captivating and distinctive story”.