Passione Vino rebrand

Category: Brand Identity; Entered by: Forty Eight Point One

Forty Eight Point One’s rebrand for Shoreditch-based wine shop and bar Passione Vino comprises a new identity, website and a redesign of the Passione Vino newspaper. Throughout, the work intends to reflect the passion of its founder Luca Dusi and the environment he and his team have created.

In the digital arena, the team designed and built a site that incorporates static with video, handwritten type, and elements of interactivity. After the pandemic hit the UK, an ecommerce store was built on Shopify to allow Passione Vino to do online sales and reach consumers across the country. 

On the ecommerce site, scripted type is used sparingly, predominantly to draw the eye to promotions. A customised, long-form blog was also built for the team to share their beliefs on sourcing and pairing, juxtaposing the playful look and feel with knowledge and care.

The new print newspaper design, by contrast, aims to feel chaotic and noisy and reflect a product full of big opinions that challenges convention. Handwritten notes and on-the-fly scribbles are featured, as well as circled highlights over nostalgic photography, to give a scrapbook feel that aims to transport you to the secret corners of Italy.

Agency: Forty Eight Point One
Strategy Director: James Sandrini

Creative Directors: Paddy Carey, Joseph Lion, Jack Carey
Senior Designer: Raquel Bosch-Roura
Lettering Artist: Simon Purchase