Pedal power

From the Unpleasant Companion to the Dirt Transmitter, an effects pedal usually does what it says on the tin. But a handmade, illustrated edition brings some beauty to the noise

Far left: Peach Custom Fuzz guitar pedal by Maury McCown of RAILhead Effects. Artwork by Karen McCown.

Top, middle pair: Instant Lo-Fi Junky and Box of Rock pedals from Zvex Effects. Artwork by Hannah M Haugberg and Andy Shannon, respectively.

Top row, right: Harmonic Percolator by Tim Webster’s Fredric Effects.

Centre (green): Chrysalis pedal by EarthQuakerDevices.

Below, from far left: Dirt Transmitter pedal by EarthQuakerDevices; Demon Fuzz and Scrambled Brainz pedals by Fredric Effects. Artwork on both by Stacey Hine.

Below, far right: The Unpleasant Companion pedal by Fredric Effects.

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