Pendulum Spirits: Fable Whisky packaging design

Category: Packaging; Entrant: gpstudio

Fable Whisky is an independent, single cask whisky bottler that specialises in limited-edition releases from selected distilleries and hand-picked casks from Scotland’s acclaimed yet not commonly known distilleries. Its brief for gpstudio was to create a brand that was adaptable and could change over time as new products were released. From this premise, Fable was born, a brand founded on storytelling and art which, says the studio, “constantly delivers tales of mystery and imagination”.

“Crafting and carefully considering every detail of the brand, our vision was to create a captivating, unique world where we take ­consumers on a journey of excitement and discovery,” gpstudio continues.

The first Fable story, known as Volume One, is a reimagining of the Scottish myth, The Ghost Piper of Clanyard Bay, which is retold as an illustrated animation by Hugo Cuellar, featuring an eerie narration by Jeff Rawle. The myth is broken into chapters based around a character or a scene, with each illustration linked to a bottle release featuring the unique distilleries, where the casks were hand-picked. All the labels, including the ­title fonts, are handwritten to reflect the storytelling aspect of the brand.

The bottles were wax-sealed with the myth title and wrapped in paper, with the full story provided on the inside of the wrap. gpstudio worked on the bottle wrap, box, neck tags, story insert, social media, website, limited-edition prints, gift packaging, sampling packaging and apparel.

The studio also worked with ceramicist Bella Jones to create bespoke whisky cups and water jugs made from black porcelain that were influenced by the black rock of Clanyard Bay. The ceramics were handmade exclusively for Fable whisky and will be sold alongside the whisky product.

Design Studio: gpstudio
Animator: Hugo Cuellar
Narrator: Jeff Rawle
Ceramicist: Bella Jones
Writer: Des Waddy