Penguin: Penguin Classics, Happy Reading

Honourable Mention: Advertising, In-House Campaigns

Penguin Classics’ Happy Reading poster campaign aims to celebrate the individual relationships between readers and the books they have loved. The team borrowed books from authors, artists, scientists, musicians and classics lovers worldwide (including famous names such as Ali Smith and Kate Tempest), and made the books the stars of the campaign. The intention was to showcase the evidence of the relationships between readers and their books – the cracked spines, dog-eared pages, or the furiously scribbled notes in the margins.

The campaign photography made use of hard lighting and a neutral background to highlight the signs of wear on the books. A minimal, pared-back approach to the design adds an almost museum-like quality to the posters, allowing the books to tell their own stories. The project clearly struck a chord with readers, as after launch they began to share images of their own favourite books on social media, along with texts explaining what they mean to them.


Campaign: Sam Voulters
Design: Tom Etherington
Photography: Lol Keegan


Milton Keynes