Penguin publishes Pantone-style guide to poo

Anomaly creative director Matt Roach has designed a set of poo-themed swatch guides, to get readers more intimately acquainted with their personal waste

The swatches come in two editions – Know your Sh*t and Know Your Baby Poo, both of which contain facts, advice, and toilet jokes. Roach says the guides are medically approved by a gastroenterologist as well as a paediatrician, so readers can rest assured that the swatches are true to life.

Know Your Sh*t features a vast array of crap, exploring 19 different types of poo, all of which come with catchy names. Know Your Baby Poo is geared towards concerned parents, and promises to address the kind of burning questions that would usually require a frantic Google – such as ‘Is it normal for their poo to look like Dijon mustard?’

While some might find the subject matter hard to stomach, the guides are an amusing take on something most designers will be familiar with (the Pantone guide, that is, not the poo).

Know Your Sh*t and Know Your Baby Poo are published by Penguin, priced £8.99;