Presenting our judges’ choice of personal projects, or images not published previously. Sponsored by cake-factory

Title of work: Best in Show
Photographer: Jooney Woodward
Caption: Woodward’s series focuses on the owners rather than the animals competing in shows around the UK

Title of work: Up My Street
Photographer: Dylan Collard
Caption: Part of an ongoing series of portraits of the shops and shop keepers on Collard’s local high street. “The inspiration came on a late bus ride home when the shop fronts glowed out in the dark, warm and inviting as I peered in from the rain,” he says

Title of work: Bonjour
Photographer: Pedro Alvarez
Caption: Alvarez’s series comes from a trip through Morocco where he visited Berber communities in the Atlas Mountains

Title of work: Appleby Horse Fair
Photographer: Spencer Murphy
Caption: Appleby Horse Fair is an annual event attended by gypsy and traveller families. For one week the Cumbrian town is transformed, its population swelling from 2,500 up to 40,000

Title of work: Ipanema
Photographer: Todd Antony
Caption: A typical day on the famous Rio beach

Title of work: Ipanema Diver
Photographer: Todd Antony
Caption: Antony’s second shot of the Rio beach in this year’s Photography Annual picks out a contemplative individual

Title of work: Paradise Parking
Photographer: Peter Lippmann
Caption: Lippmann travelled the French countryside in search of abandoned vintage cars reclaimed by nature. The series offers a poetic look at the relationship between the creations of man and mother nature.

Title of work: New York City – Occupy Wall Street
Photographer: Henrik Knudsen
Caption: A young couple awake in Zucotti Park, NYC, during the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations in the autumn of 2011

Title of work: Tornado
Photographer: Ryan Hopkinson
Caption: Working with the set designers and prop makers Lightning + Kinglyface, Hopkinson created 20 four-feet-high tornadoes in his studio using coloured signal smoke

Title of work: Muay Thai. Tonight
Photographer: Kevin Mitchell
Caption: From a personal project on the island of Koh Lanta in Thailand, these images were taken in Klong Dao Stadium

Title of work: Rodeo Road
Photographer: Sophie Ebrard
Caption: Ebrard’s series on rodeo folk was shot in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Title of work: The Tannery
Photographer: Jules Heath
Caption: A view over the tannery in Fes, Morocco. “The smell was unbelievable, a mixture of pigeon droppings and urine used to soften the skin prior to the tanning,” Heath says

Title of work: Inside Out
Photographer: Tim Hall
Caption: From a series of panoramic images of street lif in Jodhpur

Title of work: Memorial
Photographer: Thomas Brown
Caption: In this collaboration with set designer Sarah May, Brown sought to explore the public presentation of memory and commemoration

Title of work: Tramontana
Photographer: Sam Robinson
Caption: On the Catalan coast, the normally sunny summers are broken for one week in August by the Tramontana, a storm which brings fog and even hail

Title of work: Manila
Photographer: Adam Hinton
Caption: This series was taken in Vitas, Manila, “a series of badly built and unmaintained tenement blocks that the Philippines government built for those who had to scrape a living on the famous Smokey Mountain, Manila’s largest dump,” Hinton explains. “The people of Vitas live cheek by jowl in very cramped conditions in blocks that are basically falling down and they’re the lucky ones. Others have to build homes out of scrap wood and Cardboard,” HInton adds.

Title of work: Power of Persuasion
Photographer: David Scheinmann
Caption: “In China I was struck by how the billboard faces of Western movie stars and supermodels fight for our attention at street level with barely an Asian face in sight,” says Scheinmann. Scheinmann describes this project, shot in Kowloon, Jong Kong, where shoppers from mainland China queue for hours outside designers stores, as “a series of images that are cinematic, widescreen urban slices which aim to depict how the all-pervasive, all-persuasive luxury branded imagery powerfully tempts and preys on the Asian urban dweller”

Title of work: Mongolia
Photographer: Adam Hinton
Caption: With its mineral and coal deposits, Mongolia is attracting foreign investment resulting in rapid economic growth. But those living in the shanty towns of the Ger district of the capital Ulaanbaatar are yet to benefit from this wealth

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