Pes creates an incredible stop-motion brand film for Honda, all made in paper

Fans of advertising craft will enjoy this latest film for Honda, directed by Pes, which was created entirely by hand and shot in camera.

The film tells the story of Honda’s evolution as a brand, from founder Soichiro Honda powering his wife’s bicycle with a radio generator to the development of motorbikes, cars, boats, Formula 1 vehicles, jets, Asimo the robot and more. It features incredible craft by Pes – as the making-of film below reveals, the ad was devised in CGI but then created entirely in paper.


The ad is by creative agency RPA. Its obvious precedent is Wieden + Kennedy London’s Hands spot for Honda, which was created in 2013 and directed by Smith & Foulkes, and features a similar ‘hands-on’ technique. Unlike that film though, Pes’s work brings its handmade quality to the surface, alongside a quirky wit and charm, with scenes such an octopus emerging from the sea to tackle a Honda car included alongside more regular shots of the vehicles.

We might be used to Honda creating brilliant advertising, but it’s worth remembering once again just how predictable most car ads are while watching this. Really lovely work.

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