Peter Marlow’s Point Of Interest

A new exhibition of images from Magnum photographer Peter Marlow reveals the enigmatic in the everyday…

Approach to runway 27 left, Heathrow Airport, England, 2001

A new exhibition of images from Magnum photographer Peter Marlow reveals the enigmatic in the everyday…

Point of Interest opened at the Wapping Project Bankside today, and comprises of 37 photographs that Marlow has chosen from several thousand images he has taken over the last 20 years. Marlow is best known for his photojournalism, and this body of work has been made alongside his major journalistic projects. Taken out of their original context, with the narrative thread that would normally bind them together lost, the images here reflect odd and uncertain moments that might usually be missed. All are empty of people, and yet human influence is evident in most of the shots, with the viewer left to imagine what might have occurred to create the unlikely and intriguing scenes.

Campbell Park, Milton Keynes, England, 2000

Former coastguard lookout, Dungeness, Kent, England, 2007

Saxton, Yorkshire, England, 2004

Empty office in Clerkenwell, England, 2002

Market day in Caylus, Tarn et Garonne, France, 2008

The Experimental Station, Dungeness, England, 2006

National Cold War Museum, Cosford, England, 2007. All images courtesy of the photography and Wapping Project Bankside.

The show will continue at Wapping Project Bankside until July 2. More info is at

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