NB Studio: Petit Pli

Honourable Mention: Design, Brand Identity

The concept behind the sustainable clothing brand Petit Pli stems from using materials resourcefully. The pleated structure of the garments can grow up to seven sizes; the same amount a child grows in their first two years. NB Studio was asked to strengthen the brand logo and its applications by creating a brand identity that is inspired by the product and the founder’s desire to reduce waste in the fashion industry. The goal was to target parents who are passionate about sustainable brands.

This inspired an identity influenced by expandable technology. NB Studio also used photography to highlight product features and broadened the brief to create a sustainable, e-commerce packaging solution that extends the life of the FSC-sourced cardboard by transforming a functional box into an object for play. This has reduced the packaging cost per unit by 82%. Since launch Petit Pli has gone from strength to strength, winning the H&M Global Change Award 2019.


Design: NB Studio
Creative Directors: Nick Finney, Alan Dye
Designer: Sam Pittman


Milton Keynes