Ellijot: Pfeffer & Frost, Lebkuchen

Honourable Mention: Design, Packaging

Pfeffer & Frost is a Nuremberg-based gingerbread retailer founded in 2018 by two tech students. For a special Christmas gift promotion, the company wanted to move away from traditional gingerbread packaging – usually a metal tin with an old-fashioned line drawing of Nuremberg Castle or the city skyline on it.

Ellijot created a modern motif for the brand and used sustainable packaging, including a cardboard container that is still desirable to keep but can be recycled, and foil made from compostable and regrowing resources. The motif on the packaging will change each year, allowing the brand to promote new illustrators as part of its corporate design and brand communication. This year’s design was by UK illustrator Alec Doherty and combines playful illustrations and warm colours with some surprising details. These include the lid, which can be turned to change the heads of characters depicted in the design.

Brand Strategy & Design: Ellijot
Art Director: Elisabeth Weber
Creative Director: Johannes Prein
Illustrator: Charlotte Dumortier
Photographer: Katharina Pflug
Print Shop: Druckerei Thieme


Milton Keynes