PHE 2010: 10 Latin American Artists

As part of this year’s PhotoEspaña festival, the Instituto Cervantes in Madrid is exhibiting work by ten emerging Latin American artists…


As part of this year’s PhotoEspaña festival, the Instituto Cervantes in Madrid is exhibiting work by ten emerging Latin American artists…


The show, titled Encubrimientos (Cover ups), is the second edition of the Descubrimientos programme, organised by PhotoEspaña, which encourages artists working in Latin America to submit their work for possible participation in the exhibition. Over 400 artists entered this year, and the ten featured were chosen by the curators Alejandro Castellote and Juan Antonio Molina Cuesta. A selection of the work is shown here, with more info on the show at the PhotoEspaña website,


Cinthya Soto (shown above and top) is an artist from Costa Rica. Her series, Pictografías, documents decorative paintings found in bars, restaurants and warehouses.

Argentinian photographer Sebastián Friedman has taken a series of photographs titled Los emigrantes, which document emigrating families posing for a final photograph outside the door of the home they are leaving.


Andrés Asturias, from Guatemala, has taken a series of painterly photographs on beaches in Guatemala and New York.


Also from Guatemala is Andrea Aragón, who has created this series Super-Rubias, which explores the power of blonde hair as a status symbol in her home country.

Ecuadorian artist María Teresa Ponce took a series (one shown above) of landscape photographs across three South American oil exporting countries: Venezuala, Ecuador and Argentina. The three countries are connected through a common oil pipe line.

IPC Photo is a group of three photographers from Brazil who have created a series of images (one shown above) taken during the recent election campaign in São Paulo. Each event was shown from three angles, revealing the staging of political events.

PhotoEspaña is on until July 25 in venues across Madrid, Cuenca and Lisbon. More info is at


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