Philip K Dick’s short stories get a neon redesign

A limited edition four-volume collection designed by La Boca features fluorescent covers and dozens of new illustrations

Published by The Folio Society, the lavish new set – which is priced to appeal to the superfan at £495 a set – comes packaged in its own presentation box, and features 118 stories by the American author.

Dick, who died in 1982, is perhaps best known for his novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, but his short stories We Can Remember It For You Wholesale and Minority Report have also both been adapted into films.

La Boca has designed each of the cloth-bound books – which are art directed by Raquel Leis Allion and Sheri Gee – giving them neon-coloured page edges to contrast their fluorescent covers, as well as a glitchy pattern for the inside of the box they come in. Stories are set in Mentor, with Futura used as the display typeface.

Twenty-four different illustrators have also contributed images to the collection, all in varying styles including some retro-futuristic takes on sci-fi.

The Complete Short Stories is published by The Folio Society as a limited, hand-numbered edition, priced £495;