Photograph from GSM by Axel Morin

Should phone photography be taken more seriously?

As photographer and filmmaker Axel Morin releases a new book of phone images, he talks to us about whether the format is on the same level with ‘traditional’ imagemaking and how it can work for brands

Axel Morin’s new photobook, named GSM 2015 – 2022, is envisaged as a reflection of daily life. What’s unusual is that the title has been given over entirely to phone photographs. The photographer, whose portfolio is brimming with work for fashion publications and brands including Dior, Yves Saint Laurent and Fenty, wanted to show his world “through the prism of a phone, an everyday accessory,” he says. “A snapshot of modern times.”

With GSM, he wanted to present life as a “living painting, always in motion”. In fact, many of the images are abstract to the point that they actually resemble paintings. People don’t appear in the images, instead the pictures come alive through “movements, textures, colours”. “In this series my images are neither anticipated nor constructed, they are collected instinctively, as close as possible to the raw emotion.”

Photograph showing six bare mannequins from GSM by Axel Morin
All images © Axel Morin