Photographer Arianna Lago on capturing joy, calm and moments of escapism

Here Art Director Gem Fletcher introduces us to the work of London-based fashion and beauty photographer Arianna Lago

Arianna Lago takes the language of fashion and beauty and infuses it with a set of visual cues from the natural world. Blending organic forms, rich surface textures and soft hues, the resulting images are delicate yet evocative moments of escapism. Characterised by her emotional connection to travel and exploration, her images act as a portal to a quiet, calm space, giving the viewer permission to stop and breathe.

“Like most Italians, I’m influenced by classical art and beauty,” Lago shares. The women she captures are joyful, liberated and free; we observe them in a constant state of discovery. Clothing feels incidental, native to the characters that inhabit her frames. Subtle gestures and small intimacies are revealed through her quiet observations, adding depth to her storytelling.

Lago uses editorial work to experiment and collaborate. “Having other creatives to bounce ideas off is really important to me even if at times we don’t agree.” In work for Vogue Italia and the September Issues, she offsets her signature style with incongruous props, dynamic cropping and obscure references, ensuring that her work continues to evolve through constant experimentation.