Photographing the football World Cup

Photographer Laurence Griffiths has been shooting football for over two decades. Here he speaks to us about what makes the World Cup special, the challenges of the job, his favourite footballers to photograph and more

Laurence Griffiths has been involved in photographing sport from the time he was a teenager, and has been covering the World Cup since the 1994 tournament. Very few people in the world have a relationship with football quite like his. He’s travelled the world, watched some of football’s finest moments over the last few decades and won plenty of awards.

It all started with am ambition to play, he tells us. “I loved football growing up. But very quickly realised I wasn’t good enough to play professionally but wanted to stay involved in the sport somehow. Not wanting to do a “normal” job, I found photography was a really fantastic opportunity.” His uncle happened to be a photographer, and served as an inspiration.