Emma Hardy

Books: Permissions, Gost

frost and fog on the school run home by Emma Hardy

Emma Hardy’s personal project, Permissions, was shot over 20 years, the first photos made just as Hardy was starting out as a portrait, documentary, and fashion photographer. “It started with no clear intention other than to document my family and capture our lives in ways that went beyond the usual family pictures,” Hardy explains.

“As my photographic career expanded, the backgrounds in the images shifted away from home to other places. And as my children grew into adulthood, I returned my gaze towards my mother and re-examined our relationship through a lens.”

By the time the project ended naturally, when she moved house, Hardy had amassed a huge number of photographs shot entirely on film in various formats, which were distilled into what became Permissions.

a hotel bathrobe belt by Emma Hardy
a summer evening in the garden by Emma Hardy
my mother and her mother