Brea Souders

Editorial: The End of Roe is Coming for The New York Times

Image by Brea Souders for the New York Times shows a sliver of a woman's face visible through a cloak of black material
© Brea Souders

On June 24, 2022, the US Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade – a ruling which had made access to abortion a constitutional right in the US for nearly 50 years. When the news leaked in May that the Roe v Wade era would be coming to an end, Frank Augugliaro at the New York Times approached Brea Souders to create a cover for the newspaper’s Sunday Review section that would encapsulate this critical moment.

Souders wanted to create a piece of work that “evoked the fear and despair felt across the nation”. She used black cloth to mask a woman’s face, conjuring images of curtains closing and the black robes of the Supreme Court justices who held the nation’s fate in their hands.