David Uzochukwu

Editorial: Broken from the Colony for Atmos

Image by David Uzochukwu shows the shape of a person's face rendered in a coral-like texture

Broken from the Colony illustrates a short story by Ada M Patterson that meditates on Black Caribbean identity, community resilience, gender transition, and the human-nature binary. The project was published by Atmos, a biannual magazine that explores the intersection of climate and culture.

The protagonist of the story grapples with her transition to a human-coral reef hybrid after a hurricane floods her island. In the visuals, two trans bodies embrace in shallow waters as they morph into coral-like structures.

Working with a combination of digital compositing and physical cast-making, Uzochukwu creates post-humanist photographs in line with his ongoing series Mare Monstrum, which he began in 2016, where Black merfolk overcome a threatening undercurrent to find safety in each other.

Image by David Uzochukwu shows two figures lying down in opposite directions with their faces touching
Image by David Uzochukwu shows two figures lying in water with the characteristics of a sea creature