Harley Weir

Editorial: The Resistance for More or Less magazine

Image by Harley Weir of a model stood against a yellow backdrop

Harley Weir’s photoshoot for issue 6 of More or Less magazine gives a unique introduction to an exciting wave of fashion designers around the world, who reflect on their homelands in their work and draw on sustainable methods of production.

Featuring styling by Emilie Kareh, the photographs are an explosion of colour and texture, and illustrate Weir’s taste for uncanny aesthetics. The story appeared in the magazine alongside commentary by Gilles Khoury, who praised the images for echoing the sense of fun at the heart of these designers’ collections.

Image by Harley Weir shows a topless person covered in petals
Image by Harley Weir of a person with green shimmering holding a sword above their head and wearing a fluffy garment and a headpiece
Image by Harley Weir of the profile of a model wearing a thick neck chain