Photography Annual Amendments

Unfortunately our Photography Annual contains some errors which we would like to take this opportunity to correct

Unfortunately our Photography Annual contains some errors which we would like to take this opportunity to correct

Adam Hinton‘s work on page 49 was mis-cropped and should have looked like this on the page:

We also had a number of mis-labeled images due to a fault in the entry system.

On page 44 Alex Telfer‘s work was wrongly credited to Peter Turner

On page 38 Tim Brown‘s work was credited to Jim Owen

And on page 64 Anders Hald‘s work was credited to Anders Kristensen

Andy Eaves has also asked us to point out that he works professionally under the name Andy and not Andrew as captioned on page 28

 Attik Noise by photographer Guy Farrow

Gary Horton asked us to correct the spelling of his surname that appears incorrectly in the Photography Annual credit booklet as “Houghton” in the credits for Guy Farrow’s series of images entitled Attik Noise, shown above.

Giblin & James’ image on page 54, Sea Charity, was wrongly attributed to Jason Hindley. The full credits for their work should have also appeared as – client: Fundacja Nasza Ziemia (Our Earth Foundation); agency: JWT Warszawa Poland; art director: Karolina Czarnota; copy writer: Monika Kaminska; creative director: Darek Zatorski.

Our sincere apologies go to all those above. Steps have been taken to ensure that this does not happen in the future.

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