Pic + Mix: Sanderson Bob and Sam Sherborne

Collaboration is the name of the game in a new series of art exhibitions called Pic+Mix cooked up by Intercity for 55DSL’s new London artspace, Studio55…

Collaboration is the name of the game in a new series of art exhibitions called Pic+Mix cooked up by Intercity for 55DSL‘s new artspace, Studio55 above their Newburgh Street store in London…

For each Pic+Mix exhibition a renowned artist or image maker works with another creative of his or her choice – be it a like-minded contemporary, a hot young talent or an artist working in a completely different discipline across photography, sculpture, moving image, furniture design, music and beyond – to create new work specially for the show.

Pic+Mix kicks off with a show that opens this Thursday showcasing the collaborative output of Sanderson Bob and his choice of creative partner – Sheffield-based blacksmith Sam Sherborne. The resulting artworks include sculptural work and a series of prints inspired by objects in Sherborne’s blacksmithery workshop:

“We dont have a specific meaning or narrative for each individual piece,” says Sanderson Bob of the work. “We spent some time with Sam in his workshop, understanding how he works and also discussing how we all thought it would be best to approach the sculpture and prints. We spent a few hours each time we visited taking photos, making marks and rubbings from the machinery and tools in the workshop – we wanted the images to feel as if both the prints and sculpture had been through a similar process. Uninhibited by the fact that we didnt have a real idea of how the final images would look, we tried to treat the images for the prints using the computer in the same way Sam stretches, bends, merges, distorts the original steel material to create the sculpture. So we enlarged, distorted, stretched the images with a disregard for conventional resolution and print practice and used the computer and software in a a way we would not normally do. The final images are our representation of the time we spent with Sam and we feel these images couldn’t have been made by us otherwise.

“It was a great opportunity to grasp a new topic and really get underneath it. We feel projects like these gives everybody a chance to develop new ideas and the opportunity to experiment with new marks that otherwise wouldn’t have been as natural. The sculpture and prints sit proudly next to each other. The original sketch on one side, the finished sculpture at the other and in between an expression of the time spent thinking and doing.”

Pic+Mix Sanderson Bob / Sam Sherborne runs from 29 October to 20 November at 

(above the 55DSL store)
10a Newburgh Street
London W1F 7RN 

For more information about Pic+Mix and Studio55, visit 55dsl.com


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