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WH Smith Is A…

A thoughtful assistant at WH Smith sent John Dowling’s copy of this month’s issue with a covering note. Unfortunately, the last line appears to send a rather different message…
After receiving some complaints about the issue, WH Smith took it off the shelves. It should now be back up, but with stickers over the offending phrase. If you would like an uncensored copy, please go to Borders or an independent retailer. Or you can buy a copy direct from us by calling +44 (0)207 292 3703.

Aylin Deniz

The work of Turkish designer Aylin Deniz first appeared in Creative Review in our fashion-themed showcase just over a year ago (CR Nov 05), following a recommendation by Tomato’s John Warwicker

Can You Make Our Logo a Little Bigger?

The sponsorship of exhibitions is big business. Mark Sinclair visited several to see how far corporations have muscled in on our experience of art

We Made Skoda Giggle

Parv Thind and Joseph Mount talk to Gavin Lucas about their role creating the sound for Fallon’s latest Giggle spot for Skoda

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Fushi Wellbeing

Creative Designer

Monddi Design Agency