How Picnic’s own brand label revolutionises the food shop

The tech-focused supermarket brand has collaborated with design consultancy Big Fish on its own brand goods. Here we talk to the agency about the process

Amsterdam-based supermarket Picnic is no ordinary store. Online only, shoppers order via the app, deliveries are always free and the vehicles are fully electric, and because the company doesn’t have any shops, it can deliver fresher and cheaper products than its traditional competition. 

Slowly Picnic has been designing its line of own brand products with London-based consultancy Big Fish. The project has been a labour of love over the last two and a half years, and having now hit 2,000 products, it felt like the right time for the team to celebrate the work so far.

After Picnic established itself across the Netherlands selling other brands, as well the brand G’Woon (“a bit like our Happy Shopper,” explains Perry Haydn Taylor, founder of Big Fish), it was financially able to start selling its own brand. According to Taylor, Picnic is “like the Google of groceries” in that it’s the most forward-thinking challenger brand he’s seen. “They’ve literally asked the question: ‘What would we do differently if we started the category again from scratch today?’ They leave no stone unturned.”

All images: Picnic own label, design by Big Fish