Pingu Rocks

Eskimo Disco, 7-11, featuring everyone’s favourite behaviourially-challenged, flightless seabird

Eskimo Disco, 7-11, featuring everyone’s favourite behaviourially-challenged, flightless seabird

Some more info: “Produced by HOT Animation for HIT Entertainment, the music video will be released on 20 November 2006 through Protest Recordings. ‘7-11’ is a glorious slab of intergalactic pop wizardry with a hook big enough to catch a whale and a beat as contagious as a cold.

Pingu and Eskimo Disco first collaborated in April 2006 on a viral campaign to coincide with the DVD release of Pingu Boogaloo. Inspired by the cult film Napoleon Dynamite, the viral achieved almost 80,000 downloads and became an internet phenomenon, attracting fans from around the world. Based on the success of this early collaboration, Pingu rights owners Hit Entertainment then commissioned the music video through their BAFTA-winning animation studios HOT with Pingu in the starring role. The groundbreaking replacement stop-frame animated production took just two weeks to shoot and required a staggering 200 different Pingu models and moves. The video draws from a pastiche of influences ranging from Nirvana’s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ video, Britney Spears’ ‘Baby One More Time’ video, Easy Riders and OK Go’s recent internet phenomenon.”

You can also make Pingu dance here which, apparently, is how it all started.

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Showing off their Smalls

The winners of the inaugural Smalls awards, which, as the title suggests, aim to celebrate filmmaking for mobile phone or iPod video screens, have been announced.
The Smalls are initiated by design and production company Devilfish, and are the latest example of a creative company using a competition for subtle promotion of its services, as well, of course, as a means of showcasing new talent to the ad and production industries.
The competition, which was free to enter, requested films no longer than three minutes based on the theme of “Moving”. This year’s winner was director Jon Riche, who created a witty pastiche of urban sport parkour that works just as well on a big or small screen (still shown below).

Breaking News

Thanks to London’s evening paper wars, commuters now have a choice of two freesheets to grab absentmindedly as they head home. Last night, those who picked up Rupert Murdoch’s thelondonpaper got quite a shock.
Its front page appeared to splash on the assassination of President George W Bush. A grainy black and white photograph taking up almost the whole page showed the President clutching at his chest, while frantic aides hustled him away. Stern type below spelled out the enormity of what had (apparently) happened: George W Bush: 6 July 1946-Tonight 9PM. Heh?

The Bland Leading The Bland

As part of the Gap’s partnership with (Product) Red, a new AIDS–related charity, the company has produced Individuals, a collection of advertising campaigns past and present, the profits of which will go to the charity writes Tim Nelson. At $20 a copy, the book stands to make a sizeable contribution to this Bono/Bobby Shriver initiative to persuade US companies to help in the struggle to control AIDS and HIV in Africa. The Gap is also committed to donating half its profits from a new range of clothing to (Product) Red, but the aims of the book go beyond charity towards a continued promotion of the Gap, celebrity in America, and the national dream of success.

Cheers Beirut

Following the recent Israel-Hezbollah war in Lebanon, Beirut’s billboards, newspapers and magazines have been filled with supportive advertising campaigns – some of them from the most unlikely clients, writes Roanne Bell.

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