Dreaming of your next pint? This THINK! Campaign might change your mind

THINK!’s new anti-drink driving campaign is using illustration to encourage men to ‘pint block’ their buddies, with a series of posters of comedic suggestions including starting a conga line to bursting into an impromptu round of auld lang syne

There’s 60 illustrations in total – to represent the 60 young drivers killed or seriously injured while driving over the limit each month in the UK. They’ll be pasted up in pubs, bars and clubs, and appear across social media, to try and encourage drinkers to intervene and stop drink driving.

According to government research, intervening on others’ drinking is something we struggle with. THINK! reports that a third of people don’t think it’s important to get involved, and only 64% would actually step in and do something. The figure drops to 45% for young men – the demographic this campaign is aimed at.

Top and above image by Chester Holme
Illustration by Chester Holme
Illustration by Gaurub Thakali
Illustration by Ceara Coleman

This campaign could easily have veered into guilt trip territory, but the illustrations are surprisingly tongue in cheek – and all the more engaging for it.

The artists behind them have come up with a bizarre range of possible solutions to the problem, and have to be admired for their creativity. None of us like to be lectured to, but there’s a hope that by taking a more roundabout, creative route, THINK!’s message will cut through.

Agency: VMLY&R
Chief Creative Officer: Laurent Simon
Creative Director: Gavin McGrath
Creatives: Sophie Taylor, George Robb, Perle Arteta, Christopher Joyce, Matt Luke, Yama Noorzad
Senior Designer: Dominic Frain
Animator: Irrum Khan
Illustrators: Alasdair Spencer, Ben Armson, Joe Gamble, Joey Yu, Inga Ziemele, Chester Holme, Tegan Price, Molly Fairhurst, Gaurab Thakali, Ceara Coleman
Production company: Dirty Films