How PlasticFree is trying to change the way we design

PlasticFree is an online materials and systems solutions platform. Here CMO Jemma Wong and MadeThought’s Ben Parker talk about how it’s helping reshape the creative industry’s approach to materials and the design process

“Plastic is solid carbon and outside of its toxic impact on human health and the environment, it really is the material that broke the system, allowing us to ramp up to extraordinary and unsustainable levels of hyper consumption,” explains Jemma Wong, CMO at PlasticFree, the world’s first online platform developed for the creative industry to discover alternative materials and systems.

PlasticFree launched back in January this year with the mission to help the industry change the status quo. Having spent a decade working with major CPG (consumer packaged goods) brands and governments on plastic-free solutions as A Plastic Planet, PlasticFree’s co-founders recognised the need to share their knowledge with everyone.

“Designers didn’t go to art college to create branded trash. But we know that they’re going to need guidance, knowledge and new tools if they are to design a new world for all of us, and this is where the idea for PlasticFree began,” says Wong.