A labour of love: Tim Easley’s plasticine cover art for Modified Man

The cover art for Modified Man: Set 2 is made up of hundreds of tiny components – and is the result of 80 hours of painstaking work

Plasticine is a versatile medium. We’ve covered a wealth of plasticine projects over the years – from music videos and short films to magazine covers and Wilfrid Wood’s sculptures of New Yorkers. But designer Tim Easley’s album artwork for South London musicians Modified Man is perhaps the most intricate yet.

Easley spent 80 hours crafting a plasticine circuit board made up of wires, switches and chips for the duo’s new EP, ‘Modified Man: Set 2’. The 50 x 50 cm artwork is an impressive feat of manipulation – and required a great deal of patience to put together.

Easley was commissioned by indie label Albert’s Favourites. He says it is inspired by the concept that modified men of the future may make artwork out of ancient circuit boards, not quite understanding what they were for because of their crude appearance”.

He spent several days crafting tiny computer chips and wires out of modelling clay and photographed the project at various stages. He also shot the finished artwork from various angles.

The cover features the complete circuit board while individual pieces are shown on the gatefold. Easley says his miniature components will also appear “in various guises” on future Modified Man EPs.

You can see more of Easley’s work at timeasley.com


Milton Keynes