Playing with food: sketch’s new website features games instead of photos

Design studio Hato has created a playful new website for sketch – the London restaurant famed for its lavish interiors

London restaurant sketch is an Instagrammer’s paradise. Each of its dining spaces has a distinct look and feel – from the powder pink Gallery to the enchanted forest-themed Glade. Even the toilets are a thing of beauty, with a colourful stained glass ceiling and sci-fi-esque white cubicles.

But surprisingly, sketch’s new website doesn’t feature any pictures of its Instagram-famous interiors. Instead, design studio Hato has created a site filled with playful interactive games and 3D avatars.

The homepage features an avatar for each room. Click on an avatar, and you’ll be taken to a landing page for that space. Each page contains an interactive game inspired by the design or concept for the space: you can play food Jenga on the Gallery page, stacking prawns and lamb chops or pastries or create a neon 3D artwork on a page all about the Parlour cocktail bar. You can also mix and match shapes and patterns on the Lecture Room’s landing page, create a soundscape on the East Bar page or create your own version of the carpet in the Glade, which resembles a forest floor covered in tufts of grass.



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