PlayStation’s back on form with grisly new ad

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Playstation has released a gory new ad asking gamers everywhere just how close to their heart their games console is

The campaign, created by adam&eveDDB, brings to mind the glory days of PlayStation advertising – even though it’s admittedly not quite as weird.

The ad opens with a group of nervous soldiers exploring a dark tunnel that reverberates with the sound of heartbeats – is this an ad for another war game, you might think. But then things get a little strange…

According to Sony, the ad is an attempt to capture the emotions gamers feel while playing, as well as the moments of suspense that anyone who has ever tried a first-person shooter will be familiar with.

It’s undoubtedly well executed, particularly when it comes to the sound, and it’s easy to imagine the impact the ad would have when seen on a cinema screen. It’s also encouraging to see PlayStation embracing the kind of dark subject matter that, once upon a time, made its advertising so weird – and memorable.

Creative agency: adam&eveDDB
Production company: Iconoclast