Pointer A/W lookbook by Playarea

Design studio Playarea has designed footwear brand Pointer’s new kaleidoscopic Autumn/Winter 2011 campaign featuring photography by John Ross…

Design studio Playarea has designed footwear brand Pointer‘s new kaleidoscopic Autumn/Winter 2011 campaign featuring photography by John Ross

“”The campaign was conceived with a view to creating abstract images from leg shapes, discarding the upper body to focus more attention on the footwear,” explains Playarea’s Mat Fowler. “John Ross photographed the legs, creating bold graphic shapes that were then cut and reflected on ech other.”


“The images then underwent various cosmetic ‘operations’, using crude photoshop post production techniques (ie. guasian blurs, eraser tools etc) to scuff and breathe life into them,” continues Fowler. “The artwork was then placed and designed into a 330 x 235mm printed book, the post-op images contrasted by a clinical white background.”





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