Pornhub ad for new sex toy range urges us to put down the cucumbers

The latest ad from Pornhub uses the medium of song to point out that its products make a better choice for sexual exploits than our DIY options

As we addressed in a feature last year, Pornhub is a brand with a surprising reputation for creativity. Whether through ads that tackle taboos such as women having sex on their periods, or its bid to save the lives of bees and in turn the environment, it’s a brand that knows the value of clever and subversive marketing.

Which brings us neatly to its latest ad, for its new sex toy range. In typical Pornhub style, the two-minute film is hilarious and direct, written from the perspective of objects – ranging from a cucumber to socks – that people might use as DIY toys, who are shown pointing out that it’s “not our job”.

The singalong spot is the creation of ad agency BETC, which previously worked with Pornhub on its bee-saving campaign. Beyond the entertaining soundtrack, the ad’s wit lies in the plethora of objects that people apparently use to get off, which range from electric toothbrushes to, um, car exhausts.

At the end of the ad, viewers are also encouraged to share their personal DIY preferences on the Pornhub site, where the weirdest submissions will get a discount on its products.

Agency: BETC
Production company: Iconoclast
Director: Alice Moitie
Post: Mathematic