Pornhub’s new eco-minded campaign asks us to get ‘sexstainable’

The adult entertainment site has teamed up with environmental group 2030 or Bust on an innuendo-filled new channel dedicated to Sexstainable JOI (jerk off instruction) videos

Beyond its primary function as a home for naughty content, in recent years Pornhub has become well known as an unlikely champion of creativity.

One of the adult entertainment site’s most popular recent campaigns was its #BeeSexual spot, which saw it create a new video channel dedicated entirely to ‘funny kinky nature porn’, reminding Pornhub users that bees mating is vital to the preservation of the environment.

Continuing its focus on the climate crisis, a playful new campaign created in collaboration with Swedish agency ODD Company is encouraging Pornhub users to stop screwing the world and think more sustainably.

Running throughout the next month, the new Sextainable JOI (jerk off instruction) video channel will see Pornhub stars give viewers tips on everything from going ‘au naturel’ when it comes to your food shopping to ‘spreading your seed’ by contributing to a tree planting initiative.

For every view accumulated on the Sextainability channel over the course of the month, Pornhub will donate funds to 2030 or Bust, an environmental initiative dedicated to informing and inspiring people to reduce their carbon footprint through easily accessible everyday actions.