Revisiting Postmodernism in seven key projects

In Revisiting Postmodernism, Sir Terry Farrell and Adam Nathaniel Furman examine the dominant architectural movement that emerged between the late 1970s and early 1990s – and how its influence is still felt today. Here, we pick seven landmark projects from the book

In his preface to Revisiting Postmodernism (RIBA Publishing), Farrell states his aim as “a deep appreciation of the buildings, architects and ideas that made the era such fertile ground for architectural invention”.

From structures with exuberant historical references, to buildings that make use of irreverent sculpture, or bold colourways and detailing, the postmodernist approach is – and was – not to everyone’s taste. Yet Farrell and Furman’s new examination of the movement goes a long way to unpack the peculiarities of its approach and objectives as it challenged the assumed order.