Praline focuses on imagery for FACT Liverpool rebrand

Type plays a supporting role in FACT Liverpool’s new visual identity, which acts as a frame for full bleed imagery.

The arts organisation’s new logotype turns the letters of its name into the four corners of a frame used to showcase photography, stills, and digitally generated visuals. It’s intended as a neutral counterpart for the Foundation for Art and Creative Technology Liverpool’s diverse range of film, music and exhibition programming, and designed to work across platforms – shrinking down for social media and zooming out for larger formats such as posters and films.

“There is a sense of imagination and possibility within the walls of FACT which needed to be expressed,” says Praline founder David Tanguy. “We took this opportunity to be more image-led, direct, and brave, shifting from any heavy copy-led content towards a more unapologetic brand presence – a show, don’t tell attitude.”

Praline created a custom sans serif typeface for FACT’s new logotype, with all other text set in Radim Pesko’s Union Regular. “We only use one weight, which forces the content and design to be clearly constructed and help the hierarchy of information,” explains Tanguy. “This typographic clarity allows the visuals to be more present, and therefore FACT’s content to be more expressive and powerful.”

Praline’s new visual identity is part of a major rebrand for the organisation, which is marking its 15th anniversary this year by overhauling its brand strategy and tone of voice to gain a greater foothold in the art world. The organisation wanted a stronger,  clearer identity that could connect to real issues, and attract a new and wider audience.

“FACT had a few identity iterations over the years,” says Tanguy. “The last one ended up feeling too shy and confused. This new identity is confident, flexible and lets the content do the talking. No more long-winded arty sentences, only real content which can be raw, experimental, engaging, visceral, fun… anything you want.”

“We loved the concept of a frame, of a window into FACT but also a window out onto the world,” says FACT Liverpool’s Head of Programme Ana Botella. “What our work with Praline has created is not just a hugely attractive visual brand but also a new way of communicating who FACT is and our values for excellence, engagement and collaboration.”