PressPausePlay: a digital doc

A film about ‘fear, hope and digital culture’, new documentary PressPausePlay will debut at the South By Southwest Film Festival in Texas in March

A film about ‘fear, hope and digital culture’, new documentary PressPausePlay will debut at the South By Southwest Film Festival in Texas in March

The film aims to look at the impact of the digital revolution on the creative world and the opportunities (and threats) it has brought.

“Over the last decade creativity and talent of hundreds of millions of people have been unleashed in an unprecedented way, forever changing human culture. Our film is a humble contribution to the debate,” says Charlotta Ribbefjord of the Swedish team behind the film. “PressPausePlay is a documentary film about hope, fear, and digital culture based on interviews with some of the world’s most influential creators of the digital era such as Moby, Robyn, Sean Parker and Seth Godin, among others.”

Also interviewed in the film are Behance founder Scott Belsky and Bill Drummond of the KLF.

It is directed by David Dworsky and Victor Köhler. “After working in the creative industry for a number of years we got a bit tired of the loud complaints regarding the disappearance of business models due to pirating and continuing profit losses. These subjects had been discussed to death at media panels and in newspapers around the world. We felt that an important part of the story had been lost – the unprecedented cultural impact. Sure, there are lots of industry problems caused by technological innovation but there are also enormous new opportunities for creation,” the say.

For more details, see the film’s website here

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