Why craft will still matter after Covid-19

A combination of the pandemic and recession is having a big impact on how ads are made and budgets are spent. Here, CR speaks to three advertising industry pros about how they’ve had to adapt, and what the threats are to craft

Introducing the D&AD Awards 2020 winners

Burger King’s Moldy Whopper and the adaptable typeface Universal Sans are among the Black Pencil winners this year, while the Colombian Ministry of Defence’s Rivers of Light campaign was named as the ad of the decade

Becoming a B Corp

B Corporations balance business with profit and have a legal obligation to consider how their practices affect those who work with them and the environment. But how do you become one? Danny Miller, co-founder of design agency Human After All, talks us through the process

The great logo debate

We’ve recently seen the launch of two major event logos – for the LA 2028 Olympics and the Osaka Expo 2025. The identities have received both jeers and cheers – here we examine why logos evoke such heated debate, and what it says about our relationship with design

Selling a greener future

Creative campaigns are increasingly used by environmental groups to promote a greener way of life – but are bandwagon-jumping brands diluting the message? Aimée McLaughlin speaks to Greenpeace, Extinction Rebellion and Mother about the role of advertising in sustainability


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