Remembering Terence Conran

Tributes to the design legend Terence Conran, who died on September 12, have poured in this week from those he influenced and supported. Here, Clive Grinyer, head of design at the RCA, looks back at his impact on British design and culture

How bland is your brand?

From creative briefs and awards entries to press releases and thinkpieces, the updated Bland Book is tackling all aspects of boring branding – and companies should take note

Why craft will still matter after Covid-19

A combination of the pandemic and recession is having a big impact on how ads are made and budgets are spent. Here, CR speaks to three advertising industry pros about how they’ve had to adapt, and what the threats are to craft

The great logo debate

We’ve recently seen the launch of two major event logos – for the LA 2028 Olympics and the Osaka Expo 2025. The identities have received both jeers and cheers – here we examine why logos evoke such heated debate, and what it says about our relationship with design

Selling a greener future

Creative campaigns are increasingly used by environmental groups to promote a greener way of life – but are bandwagon-jumping brands diluting the message? Aimée McLaughlin speaks to Greenpeace, Extinction Rebellion and Mother about the role of advertising in sustainability

How to brand a sustainable business

Previously, sustainable branding found itself firmly stuck in the eco-cliché trap, conjuring up images of green rolling hills, earthy tones, and the obligatory leaf motif. But this is changing, writes Aimée McLaughlin

The do’s and don’ts of pitching

Pitching as someone new to the creative industries can be tough, so here we talk to four creatives to get their tips on how to pitch and what to do with feedback that is less than positive


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