Observations of a portfolio reviewer

After a turbulent year, many creatives are in the process of refreshing their portfolios. But where to start? Here, Clare McNally of McNally Unlimited shares what she has learned from the many, many portfolio reviews she has done online

What next for the craft aesthetic?

A surge in craft beer and gin companies has popularised a certain kind of quirky design approach, but has the trend run its course, and what does the idea of ‘craft’ mean to drinks brands today?

Ben & Jerry’s: Peace, love and ice cream

Ben & Jerry’s global social mission officer Dave Rapaport talks to Anna Burzlaff, head of cultural insights and strategy agency Truth, about the brand’s approach to activism, and what it takes to make credible change in the world today

How to build a food brand

From raising funding on Kickstarter to putting “a bit of disco” into the branding, Future Noodles founder Carl Clarke and Otherway’s Jono Holt take CR through the highs and lows of building a food brand

Is the future of retail weird?

Shops in the heart of the desert and stores where you make your own bag could point the way forward for retail, which is becoming less about luxury and theatre and more about memorable experiences

B Corp: Good for business?

As the B Corporation movement grows, we look at why brands and agencies might engage with the process beyond the obvious social and environmental benefits – and whether others will be left behind if they don’t follow suit


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