How to make great experiential ads

The advertising industry has been enamoured with the marketing potential of immersive events, VR and AR for some time now. But how do you make a really effective experiential ad? We spoke to a number of experts to find out

When should brands revisit the past?

A brand’s heritage can provide a great starting point for a new identity – but sometimes, the past is best avoided. We take a look at the brands drawing on their archives for inspiration and speak to three designers about the pros and cons of revisiting old identities

Starting Over: Launching an advertising start-up

Launching an ad start-up might be a dream for many, but what’s it really like? Here, creatives Jim Townsend and Oli Cole, who founded Made By Blah in 2017, talk through the ups and downs, and how a mix of creativity and luck led to projects with Nike and giffgaff

Unravelling the 90s sportswear brand boom

Fila, Kappa and Champion are all back in a big way, as part of a wave of sportswear brands undergoing a revival. But is it just 90s nostalgia, or is there more at play? And what can other ‘zombie’ brands learn from their example? CR finds out


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