Creative Leaders

How to survive 2021: Champion Others

The next instalment in our survival guide tackles the importance of championing others, by looking at ways to make changes within a business and using your platform, however small, to support others

Why constructive conflict matters

There’s a school of thought which suggests teams that are able to argue can make the most creative work. Leadership Coach Tanya Livesey offers advice on how to make conflict work for you

Why creative leaders must accept fear

With change now a permanent in business, it is vital that those leading creative teams can cope with the fear that accompanies it. Here Leadership Coach Tanya Livesey offers some advice for living with uncertainty and chaos

Overcoming the fear of public speaking

Your mouth has gone dry and your notes are shaking in your hands. ‘Don’t Fuck This Up’ is all you can hear above your thumping heart. Everyone is watching, but there’s no way out. If you dread public speaking, Tanya Livesey has some advice

We need to talk about failure

On November 20, CR and D&AD are holding a live discussion about failure and its importance for creativity. Join Lauren Currie, Tanya Livesey, Adrian Shaughnessy and Tim Malbon plus the CR team

How I Work: Olafur Eliasson

Coinciding with the publication of a major new retrospective, CR sat down with the Icelandic-Danish artist to talk about how he works, his studio, smartphones and the importance of lunch


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