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Ad for skateboard brand Palace

How Palace grew up with a grin on its face

The skateboarding brand has broadened its appeal, attracting everyone from the halfpipe to the runway to the football pitch, but it’s still held onto its playful spirit. We talk to MPC’s Richard Skinner about creating fun ads for the brand, even as the stakes get higher

Creating the intense world of Uncut Gems

Production designer and repeat Safdie Brothers collaborator Sam Lisenco talks to us about gaining trust in Manhattan’s insular Diamond District, reinforcing Adam Sandler’s character through design, and how the film became a love letter to a disappearing New York

Predictions for a new decade: Gem Fletcher

To mark the start of the 2020s, we’ve asked a selection of our regular writers and columnists to offer up some predictions of what lies ahead for the creative industries. Here, art director Gem Fletcher hopes for a revolution in photography

Documenting Gorillaz

Directed by Denholm Hewlett (son of Gorillaz’s Jamie Hewlett), a new documentary about the world’s most famous ‘virtual band’ is a brilliant mishmash of the real and the imagined. We speak to him about bringing the film to life


Shoreditch, London




Shoreditch, London