Becoming a B Corp

B Corporations balance business with profit and have a legal obligation to consider how their practices affect those who work with them and the environment. But how do you become one? Danny Miller, co-founder of design agency Human After All, talks us through the process

The do’s and don’ts of pitching

Pitching as someone new to the creative industries can be tough, so here we talk to four creatives to get their tips on how to pitch and what to do with feedback that is less than positive

My breakthrough moment: Sophy Hollington

In this series we ask leading creatives to talk about what projects or events kickstarted their careers. Here, illustrator Sophy Hollington shares how she turned a childhood fear of asteroids into a folklore zine that’s gone on to shape her artistic practice

What should you charge for your work?

We talk to agent Olivia Triggs, photographer David Ryle, and director, illustrator and animator Katy Wang for advice on costing up projects, negotiating fees and deciding how much to charge for your time


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