Should I work for free?

It’s an eternal issue in the creative industries, and a question that rarely has a simple answer. Here, we get to the bottom of when, if ever, it’s a good idea to work for free, what to watch out for, and what to bear in mind when deciding

Making ends meet: Telegramme Paper Co.

Bobby and Kate Evans founded Telegramme Paper Co. in 2014.
Based in Margate, Kent, the husband and wife team split their time between designing and making paper products and working on commercial commissions

Filmmaker Carol Morley on using lookbooks

Ahead of the release of her critically-acclaimed third feature film Out of Blue, the British filmmaker Carol Morley gives Creative Review an exclusive insight into the way she employs a visual book as a central aspect of feature film directing

Making ends meet: artist Mr Bingo

CR has talked to a series of artists, creatives and designers about how they manage their money. Here artist and social media phenomenon Mr Bingo tells us how he manages a career that now relies solely on self-initiated projects


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