On the joy of Bookshop

A new online shop is helping support local bookshops at a crucial time; and also providing Daniel Benneworth-Gray with an opportunity to make a list of his favourite design titles

How arts and crafts bring the Good Life

Lockdown has prompted a renewed interest in craft skills. Here, Hazel Davis talks to Charlie Gladstone, founder of the crafts and music festival the Good Life Experience, about the importance of creativity and why an interest in crafts should live beyond Covid

Observations of a portfolio reviewer

After a turbulent year, many creatives are in the process of refreshing their portfolios. But where to start? Here, Clare McNally of McNally Unlimited shares what she has learned from the many, many portfolio reviews she has done online

What next for the craft aesthetic?

A surge in craft beer and gin companies has popularised a certain kind of quirky design approach, but has the trend run its course, and what does the idea of ‘craft’ mean to drinks brands today?

How I Got Here: Brian Rea

Modern Love illustrator Brian Rea recounts a childhood filled with stories, shares the struggles of embracing his style and tells CR why words have gained a new importance for him later in his career


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