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The Photography Annual 2018 winners

Creative Review’s Photography Annual seeks to celebrate great images – those who take them and those who commission them. It’s open to everyone involved in the making and use of brilliant photography – advertising agencies, publishers, galleries, designers, brands and, of course, photographers. Winners are selected by a panel of industry experts and featured in […]


On the creativity possibilities colour

How I Got Here: Glug co-founder, Ian Hambleton

Over ten years on from starting the event, Glug has gone global with outposts in 35 countries. We speak to Ian Hambleton about turning it from a side project into a fully-fledged company, and putting on an event that doesn’t break the bank for Gluggers

Is creativity in need of rescue?

In his book Against Creativity author Oli Mould questions whether being ‘creative’ means becoming a cog in the machine. CR met with him to discuss how creativity can become more than part of a production line

The Place issue

How creativity is making, changing and documenting places


London Bridge