Product Design

The joy of friction

Most brands are on a mission to create customer experiences that are as simple and smooth as possible. Yet, argues Wayne Deakin, ECD, EMEA at Huge, sometimes a bit of friction is a good thing

The history of the open plan office

From its surprisingly radical roots to its role post-pandemic, Jennifer Kaufmann-Buhler – assistant professor of design history at Purdue University – talks CR through the legacy of the open plan office

Trends of 2020: The year in packaging design

With a sharp increase in ecommerce this year, packaging design has had to work harder than ever to get people’s attention. Here, Adam Ryan, head of packaging design competition Pentawards, identifies the key trends of 2020

The best book cover designs of 2020

Mark Sinclair, senior editor at Unit Editions, shares his favourite ten book covers of the year with us, which have emerged as the book world has buffeted the challenges (and opportunities) presented by the coronavirus pandemic

How arts and crafts bring the Good Life

Lockdown has prompted a renewed interest in craft skills. Here, Hazel Davis talks to Charlie Gladstone, founder of the crafts and music festival the Good Life Experience, about the importance of creativity and why an interest in crafts should live beyond Covid

Is the future of retail weird?

Shops in the heart of the desert and stores where you make your own bag could point the way forward for retail, which is becoming less about luxury and theatre and more about memorable experiences


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