How Calm created a billion dollar wellness app

Apps have gone from digital curiosities to big business, and the market has never been more competitive. Calm creative director Andrew Schapiro tells CR how great design, user feedback and a sprinkling of ‘whimsy’ is key to the company’s success

The history of the open plan office

From its surprisingly radical roots to its role post-pandemic, Jennifer Kaufmann-Buhler – assistant professor of design history at Purdue University – talks CR through the legacy of the open plan office

A QR Code Renaissance?

QR codes have received an unexpected resurrection during Covid-19, becoming a vital tool for navigating pandemic life. But will they sink back into the depths when no longer needed? Stink Studios’ James Britton hopes not

Irvine Welsh on creativity and cancel culture

The author explores the rise of cancel culture in new documentary Offended by Irvine Welsh, where he discusses the threat that the phenomenon poses to the creative industries and why he thinks Trainspotting wouldn’t be published today

How brands can truly make a difference

As part of a Festival of Marketing panel, director and writer Richard Curtis joined WWF’s Tanya Steele and Reckitt Benckiser’s Fabrice Beaulieu to discuss the part that brands can play in tackling the climate crisis


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