Is it time we hit replay on gaming history?

For nine years, console company Analogue has been helping people rediscover gaming’s past, and highlighting its hugely creative heritage along the way. We met its founder to discuss what makes the history of game play so fascinating, and why it goes far beyond nostalgia

A conversation about revolution

Designers Lucienne Roberts and Clive Russell discuss rethinking systems, the thorny issue of complicity, and the role that creatives can play in bringing about positive change and inspiring people to take action Along with Trump and Brexit, the late 2010s will go down in history as a period defined by activism. We’ve seen the Women’s […]

Zao and the addiction to Face Value

CR columnist and AI maestro Perry Nightingale tries out the hugely popular Chinese deepfake app Zao, and after getting over some language barriers is surprisingly excited by what he discovers

Creating His Dark Materials

The world of Philip Pullman’s epic adventure series has been brought to life in an eight-part drama co-produced by the BBC and HBO. We talk to Executive Producer Joel Collins about building alternate realities and creating a host of CGI creatures

Could VR put an end to phobias?

Virtual reality is already making a big impact in the gaming world, but its potential to treat severe phobias such as the fear of heights has so far been relatively untapped. Aimée McLaughlin investigates the possibilities of VR therapy

Tea Uglow on bravery and fear

Can you really pick and choose whether to be brave? Tea Uglow, Creative Director of Google Creative Lab in Sydney, examines society’s understanding of fear and bravery, and the clichés and limitations it may contain

Will AI ever be able to replicate love?

Machines might be rapidly replacing humans in the workplace, but the complexity of deep human emotions and the innate, creative way that we make connections remains far beyond them, argues Perry Nightingale

How I Get Ideas: Sound Designer Yuri Suzuki

The sound designer and recent Pentagram addition gets his ideas from a surprising array of places, whether that’s the latest Marvel blockbuster or the scribblings in his personal collection of Moleskine notebooks he has built up over the past decade

Holly Herndon on Spawn and humanising AI

The electronic composer’s latest album Proto sees her team up with her AI ‘child’, Spawn. Speaking at Sónar+D with Mat Dryhurst, Herndon explains the importance of getting your hands dirty on the topic of AI


Shoreditch, London




Shoreditch, London