Why culture matters, now more than ever

The culture of your agency or studio stretches far beyond fancy decor, ping pong tables or DJs in the foyer, says leadership coach Tanya Livesey. And it can prove vital in how businesses navigate the difficult times we are in

Exploding creative industry myths

How much of what we’re told about the creative industries should we believe, and what prevailing narratives need killing off? Designer Craig Oldham tackles four of the big ones

Gender bias, AI and the politics of the voice

With growing concerns around female-voiced digital assistants, experimental musician Holly Herndon and Emil Asmussen, co-creator of genderless voice Q, talk to us about the importance of paving the way for new voices, figuratively and literally speaking

Could AI be the secret to managing our mental health?

Talking to a bot about how you’re feeling may sound like something out of a sci-fi film, but the technology has the potential to revolutionise the way we treat – and even prevent – mental health problems. CR investigates the possibilities of AI therapy

A career in fonts

It’s January, and time for clear out. For our design correspondent Daniel Benneworth-Gray this means tackling the reams and reams of fonts that are clogging up his computer. Surprisingly, the job turns into something of a trip down memory lane


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