Could VR put an end to phobias?

Virtual reality is already making a big impact in the gaming world, but its potential to treat severe phobias such as the fear of heights has so far been relatively untapped. Aimée McLaughlin investigates the possibilities of VR therapy

Tea Uglow on bravery and fear

Can you really pick and choose whether to be brave? Tea Uglow, Creative Director of Google Creative Lab in Sydney, examines society’s understanding of fear and bravery, and the clichés and limitations it may contain

Will AI ever be able to replicate love?

Machines might be rapidly replacing humans in the workplace, but the complexity of deep human emotions and the innate, creative way that we make connections remains far beyond them, argues Perry Nightingale

How I Get Ideas: Sound Designer Yuri Suzuki

The sound designer and recent Pentagram addition gets his ideas from a surprising array of places, whether that’s the latest Marvel blockbuster or the scribblings in his personal collection of Moleskine notebooks he has built up over the past decade

Holly Herndon on Spawn and humanising AI

The electronic composer’s latest album Proto sees her team up with her AI ‘child’, Spawn. Speaking at Sónar+D with Mat Dryhurst, Herndon explains the importance of getting your hands dirty on the topic of AI

Creating sustainable sequins

Elissa Brunato has developed sustainable sequins that shimmer without the use of chemicals. We talk to the designer – a runner up in the MullenLowe NOVA Awards, and winner of the Creative Review Innovation Award – about her work

How Citymapper is changing how we get from A to B

Citymapper has been simplifying our stressful commutes and muddled transport networks since 2011 – and injecting a bit of fun into things while doing so. Aimée McLaughlin investigates how the team behind the app is helping to shape the future of our cities

teamLab on crafting fantastical digital worlds

The art collective equate themselves to a group of scientists carrying out an experiment. Here, they explain how they bring their interactive artworks to life, and why digital art can bring people together in a way that traditional art often can’t

How I Work: Bunny Christie

Bunny Christie has won numerous awards for her spectacular set and costume designs. Here she talks to CR about creating dream worlds, building sets in miniature and the challenges of working on theatrical productions


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