A career in fonts

It’s January, and time for clear out. For our design correspondent Daniel Benneworth-Gray this means tackling the reams and reams of fonts that are clogging up his computer. Surprisingly, the job turns into something of a trip down memory lane

An oral history of Comic Sans

Comic Sans occupies a dubious position in the design community, but there’s no denying its place in visual culture. CR sat down with creator Vincent Connare to discuss the rebellion that drove Microsoft in the 90s, and his thoughts on making the world’s most disputed typeface

Monotype redesigns Helvetica “for the 21st century”

After almost four years of painstaking work, Monotype has created a new version of Helvetica – the ubiquitous typeface used by everyone from Apple to Nestlé and Lufthansa. We talk to Type Director Charles Nix about the challenges of updating a much-loved design


Shoreditch, London




Shoreditch, London