Production Type creates new face of luxury for LVMH

LVMH Air is the new bespoke typeface family for luxury goods conglomerate LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy). Here’s a first look

Paris-based Production Type was commissioned by the LVMH group to develop what it terms a “future classic” type family which “conveys a feeling of crisp, timeless classiness”.

According to the designers, LVMH “was looking for a typographic voice that would feel at home equally well on stationery, on-site communication, and in logos and wordmarks”.

Their idea, they say, was to create a “contemporary digital version of classic French Baroque typefaces, synthesizing the work of masters such as Jean Jannon or Robert Granjon”.

The resulting family, LVMH Air, is comprised of four weights – extralight, light, regular and bold – each with a distinct italic and particular ligatures for the italic styles.

It is used in a new mark for the company and combined with a diagonal slash when used with sub-brands and on communications.


Milton Keynes